Wondering How To Pick A Moving Company Based On Cost? What To Know Now

If you are looking for a moving company like Bekins Van Lines Inc that you can trust to help you get moved, but you aren't sure how pricing works or how to schedule the move, there are things to know. When it comes to paying for a moving company you want to know what you are paying for, when they will do the move, and what you need to do in advance to prep for the movers. Here are some of the questions that you have to ask so you are ready.

Get a Breakdown of Costs

To accurately compare the types of services that you will be getting with the price, you have to breakdown the quotes and find out the details. Ask these questions when comparing companies:

  • Charges per hour or mile or job
  • Packaging supply costs separate or included
  • How many workers at a time
  • Insurance amount for items in the truck
  • Unloading and placement fee

Once you know what you are getting for the cost, then you can pick the best company for your moving needs.

Ask for a Consult at Your Property

Ask the moving company to send a consultant to your property to look at everything that has to be moved, so they can give you the most accurate of costs. You don't want them to show up and see that you have more than they estimated or quoted you, and then you end up owing more than you planned on paying.

Find Out Your Scheduled Time

You need to find out your schedule time in the day when the movers will be at your property. If you aren't the first on the list, or aren't labeled as a daylong project, they may not be to your house until later. Ask what time you should expect to see the movers, and then how long they think that the project will take.

The moving company may ask you to do certain things before they arrive, like take apart furniture, remove loose wires, and more. Talk with the movers and make sure that you know when they are coming, what they are charging, and how they are unloading the truck when you all arrive at the new residence where your belongings are going. There are a lot of things that you want to keep in mind when you are moving and using professionals, but finding a great company that is upfront about the costs is one of the most important details.

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