Wall-Mounted Wire Shelving Helps Your Storage Areas Stay Organized

If you store a lot of inventory in your building, you're probably looking for the ideal storage solution. One option to consider is wall-mounted wire shelving. Here's why this type of system is ideal for organizing your inventory and supplies.

The Shelves Won't Topple

One concern with a shelving system that rests on the floor is that it can topple forward if it isn't loaded properly or if someone pulls on a shelf. When you install a wall-mounted system, the shelves are bolted securely to the wall in several places. This eliminates the problem of the shelves falling over. The secure installation and the fact the system is made of metal also makes it possible for the shelves to hold a lot of weight, which makes them useful for holding heavy parts and equipment.

The System Leaves Space At The Bottom

A wall-mounted system leaves clearance at the bottom. This is handy if you have things that rest on the floor that you want to tuck away under the shelves. You may also want the clearance at the bottom to comply with local codes that might require supplies to be kept off of the floor. Having the space under the shelves open also makes it easier to keep the room clean since you can sweep and mop under the shelves instead of cleaning around them. Having the lower shelves off the ground is beneficial if the floor of the storage room gets wet occasionally or if it is wet-mopped frequently as being elevated helps keep your goods dry.

Wire Shelving Is Durable

A wire shelving system lasts a long time. They are usually made from steel so the shelves are very strong and resist damage. The steel is coated for protection so you don't have to worry about rust. Some wire shelves are also coated to protect against mold, temperature extremes, and humidity. This makes them suitable for storing food in refrigerated areas or for use outside in hot and cold weather.

Because of the way they are made, air can circulate freely through the wires. This reduces problems with mold and dampness on paper and cardboard items. The wire construction also reduces the accumulation of dust when compared to flat shelving. Wire shelving is easier to keep clean and maintains its attractive appearance even when it gets heavy use.

A wall-mounted wire shelving system can be used for many types of storage since they come with different accessories. You can buy them with adjustable shelves so you get the right type of space. You can store tote bins or cardboard boxes on them, or you can store your products individually so they are easy to see. You can use baskets to hold smaller pieces that might fall through, and you can hang things from the shelving with S-hooks. Wire shelving is ideal for any storage need you may have in your building since it comes in many sizes and configurations.

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